Optimus Investments, our sister company, is an international real estate investor and asset manager that manages a series of funds on behalf of institutional clients and family offices.

We also have the capacity to co-invest with clients, ensuring full alignment of interests.

Optimus Investments' goal is to always strive to achieve the greatest returns to the company while maintaining diversification and substantial liquidity, as well as minimising risk to Optimus Investments' and our partners' capital. 

Optimus Investments is currently fundraising for the Optimus Opportunity Fund which makes opportunistic and value-oriented investments in undervalued and typically liquidity constrained property assets, loans and corporate entities. We aim to build value through the repositioning, redevelopment and intensive management of real estate assets and operational improvement of corporate entities. 

Property assets may be undervalued in circumstances where the seller is experiencing severe liquidity constraints and/or has other commercial or regulatory pressures to sell troubled or non-core assets within a limited period of time. There may also be lack of effective competition due to a shortage of specific expertise in the local markets, combined with a lack of well-capitalised buyers who have the capacity to execute in the required time frame. The assets themselves may be distressed due to economic or market conditions, specific business situations or lack of capital and adequate management. They may also be undervalued due to lack of information or relevant transparency. While undervalued or liquidity constrained, these assets may have other compelling attributes and fundamentals, such as location or competitive market position upon which we can capitalise. Optimus' team has a broad skill-set and the experience to extract value from complex and unusual transactions that have real estate as their core. The Fund will aim to invest in non-competitive situations, originated through an extensive network of long-standing relationships with local participants, financial institutions, investment banks, private equity partners, local advisers and agents.

  • We only invest in prime areas of leading cities
  • We only invest in our core product, with sustainable revenues and a reduced speculative component
  • We only invest if we can boost market returns with our value added approach. Otherwise we stay away


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