Optimus Global Investors sources and manages real estate assets as well as other alternative investments in Spain. 

We are a boutique consulting firm with a global customer base located in Madrid that helps investors access and manage assets in Spain. With its experienced team of multilingual professionals, Optimus provides bespoke solutions to meet any investment need, offering comprehensive advice creating value for our investors.

Optimus not only connects buyers with sellers but we are investors ourselves – we consider investment opportunities across a wide spectrum, either as a sole principal investor or as a co-investing partner, ensuring full alignment of interests. We welcome conversations with institutional investors, family offices and high new worth individuals either with or without investments in Spain.

Our services include:

  • Consulting & Sourcing Assets: Tailor-made investment opportunities for qualified investors
  • Investment Management: Strategy definition, aligning investor risk profile and interest with market opportunities, negotiating optimal financial strategy and managing all processes behind the transaction
  • Commercial Real Estate: Offices, hotels, high street retail, residential buildings/development, trophy assets, student accommodation, parking complexes
  • Alternative Investments: Performing and NPL portfolios (secured and unsecured), distressed assets, asset finance
  • Wealth & Asset Management: Identifying, acquiring and managing the most attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities in Spain with a focus on value-added solutions
  • Proprietary Investments: Direct product investments, taking equity and debt positions in property and businesses
  • Family Office Instructions

Our most important asset is our human capital, a team composed of excellent international professionals with extensive investment and financial experience. As investors ourselves, we have the knowledge, the contacts, the experience and the expertise to identify, develop and manage investments.

When you choose to work with Optimus, you choose to work with the best.



Optimus means 'Best' in Latin and is synonym to our positive approach in a competitive environment.

We don't set standard criteria for evaluating investment opportunities. Every deal is assessed on its merits. While our decisions are always informed by rigorous research, we offer opportunities that other institutions may be too slow or inflexible to capitalise on. 

It is this dynamic and entrepreneurial edge that distinguishes us from our competition and gives our clients fresh financial insight.




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